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Many businesses burden themselves with I.T. I.T seems simple at first, but they quickly get lost in the complexity of technology and lose their way. At Dotnetworx we have an array of skillset which allows us to assess your needs & objectives to give you a best suited solution knowing technology forms the foundation of processes to be built upon which gives you the ability to scale-up to meet with production or deadlines.

Relationships are a key to the company’s philosophy and building strong relationships with our clients through our work is of paramount importance.

Our mission is to provide inexpensive solutions & valuable advice, seeking to give our customers innovative concepts within budget, Assessing your needs & aspirations to give you a best suited solution. DotNetworX was established due to the need of maintaining the old while implementing the new. With the new & diversified technologies that are being developed every day, The old are quickly forgotten & emphasis is quickly placed & pressured on these new & expensive computer solutions forgetting the simple & less fortunate community. Hence “Bridging the gap between the old & new”